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Increasingly, there is a need for safeguarding in almost all public facing organisations. Protection for vulnerable adults and children is imperative and sometimes mandatory.

Case Management

Create an unlimited number of cases within Palysade. Link tasks, record incoming correspondence and build a chronology of events. Upload important documents to the case record and create free-text tags to categorise your cases.

Contacts and Relationships

Build a contacts database and quick-search to look up contact details. Palysade allows you to link a single contact record to multiple cases and record the relationship that contact has with the case subject.

Quick and Easy Reporting

Generate a full case report at the click of a button or drill down in to the detail and generate PDF reports of your chronology and correspondence. Download to share with 3rd parties or external organisations.

Safe and Secure

GB3 Limited is an ISO 27001 accredited company and a Microsoft Partner. Our systems are hosted and backed up securely within Microsoft Azure and our development processes have been built with security and integrity in mind.

Task and Contract Management

Manage your safeguarding contracts and their review schedule by creating a task for a case or record standalone tasks for your team and assign to a user. View the overall progress of all your tasks from your home page.

Search quickly, easily and historically

We know you’re required to keep records for many years. Palysade allows you to archive historical safeguarding cases so that you can focus on your active case load, but still quickly search through the decades an if an incident occurs for an older case.

User-friendly, intuitive and focused

There is a need for safeguarding in almost all public facing organisations. We have worked with professionals from the safeguarding community to build a system that allows any form of safeguarding information to be captured, is intuitive and simple to use and quick to navigate.

Work from anywhere

Palysade is a web-based system so will run from any web-enabled device. You can manage your users so you control who has access.

We created Palysade to ensure that people handling safeguarding cases have a system that adds value, saves time and automates routine processes.

Having worked with many public sector, charity and commercial organisations involved in working with children and young people we believed there was a gap for a system to help people managing cases related to safeguarding.  After consulting with people who were delivering safeguarding work, the system was designed by its users.
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Graham Billsborough
Managing Director

A single incident can involve numerous parties and span years, so it is vital safeguards can be put in place can capture key information quickly.

Safeguarding case management was my first project at GB3, so the Palysade system is close to my heart. I’m very proud of what we have built and it’s fantastic to see our customers using Palysade every day and enjoying its ease of use.
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Harriet Hirst
Project Architect

Palysade by GB3 will provide an online enclosure for all your safeguarding case work.

Designed to work on multiple platforms, you and your team can work on the move; securely accessing Palysade via the web to update a case with notes, meeting records, create new tasks, record correspondence and add key relationships to your case.

The system enables you to link all information to a case so you can locate it easily and keep records up to date.

You can use tags to categorise what type of safeguarding the case involves and generate case reports as PDFs at the click of a button, making it easy to report and share safeguarding information within your own organisation or with others.
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Pricing Information

From £350 per month you will have a dedicated Palysade system.

This price includes:

• Secure off-site server hosting
• Create an unlimited number of cases
• System customisation with your organisation’s logos
• Dedicated support line
• Document storage up to 25GB*
*if further storage is required, this can be quoted for.
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We can also offer the following services which can be quoted for on request:

• Classroom-style training day for user
• Migration of any existing electronic data
• Migration of paper based data
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