IT Security

Any business large or small is constantly faced with the increasing possibility of a malicious attempt to gain access to your computer network or system; this could result in the theft or destruction of valuable intellectual property, information and damage your business beyond repair.

We specialise in information security projects, devising, directing and managing security approaches for individuals and businesses alike.

OXYG3N is the Information Security Arm of GB3, providing leading security for business. We can advise and help set out strategic guidance for best practice and provide relevant recommendations, solutions and training to mitigate against a breach in your security.

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Security Reviews

Latest Case Studies

40-point Audit Review

We have designed a unique and easily understood security review and, coupled to our
 collaborative approach, we establish the facts about your data’s security. Once we identify 
security-related issues, we determine the level of risk associated with those issues and make
informed recommendations about risk mitigation or acceptance.

Penetration Testing Technical & Physical

Penetration testing is designed to measure the strength of existing security controls and uncover vulnerabilities before criminals can exploit them. This type of testing, will reveal real world openings that criminals will exploit in such a way that allows unauthorised access to sensitive areas leading up to a compromise in security.
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OXYG3N helped one of the leading Retirement financing companies, the KR Group, achieve ISO 27001:2013 accredited certification. The outcome is a demonstration of their commitment to delivering high standards of information security across all of their products, from multiple locations.
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OXYG3N assisted Vacant Property Specialists, one of the UK’s largest vacant property security companies, to secure their online presence. The outcome was security assurance of multiple VPS websites.
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Cyber Essentials

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This government-backed cyber security certification scheme sets out baseline of cyber security suitable for all organisations in all sectors. It will address key controls that, when implemented correctly, can prevent most cyber-attacks.
We can help you implement the base level or Cyber Essential +, where your security measures are actually tested and issues resolved.

GDPR compliance

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The General Data Protection Regulation GDPR is critically important but not broadly understood. It introduces tough new privacy requirements for companies handling personal data and provides consumers with considerably more control and rights over the way their data is collected, shared, retained, and destroyed.
The GDPR gives EU regulators the authority to impose fines ranging from 2% to 4% of a company’s global revenues for violations of the regulation. Many organisations have yet to fully grasp the scale and complexity involved in GDPR compliance and how it could impact their bottom line or reputation. Don’t be one of them. OXYG3N can help your business become compliant using our GCHQ certified GDPR Practitioners.

Implementation of ISO 27001

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Implementing an ISMS (information security management system) based on ISO 27001 holds many benefits for any organisation; but it is also a complex task to achieve without the correct guidance.
An ISMS is specific to the organisation that implements it, so no two ISO 27001 projects are the same. OXYG3N has vast experience in helping many clients achieve ISO certification.

Outsourced Security

Let Us Manage Your Security Approach For You
Information & technology security standards, like ISO27001 say you need a Security Manager to take care of your systems and data. You probably haven’t got one of those, sitting around, waiting to protect you from cyber-attack or information loss. Recruiting someone is costly and you probably don’t need someone full time. Training an existing team member means diverting them from their day job and the one thing you can’t teach is security experience; which is also something you can’t live without. That is where we come in.
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Incident Response

Let us be your first call in the event of a cyber attack
CyberSixty for business and individuals. What would you do if your organisation encountered a cyber-attack? The first sixty minutes are critical and can be the difference between recovery and a major impact to your day to day routine, reputation and finances. CyberSixty gives you the tools to reduce your risk and someone to turn to in that first sixty minutes if the worst happens.
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Security Training

Let us make your organisation security aware
Security threats are advancing every day and large corporations continually invest millions of pounds to keep their business, information and networks secure. However, investing time and money to secure your organisation and your customers can be completely undermined if employees do not understand their role in the security plan and one of your greatest threats could come from within your business. However, with security training that is relevant to the risks your business faces one of your strongest security asset is already within your business.


This is an essential executive training and awareness event run by OXYG3N. This is not your average training course…

Become a cybercriminal for the day and see how security aware you are by using the tricks they will use to attack your business. Your biggest asset is also your biggest risk; people. Building a security culture is best achieved by you, the business leaders. Over 70% of cyberattacks involve people from within an organisation; would you spot the risks and be able to change behaviours to avoid a damaging incident.

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